Heartburn is known as the night creeper. It attacks nearly 25% of the populace.  Heartburn loves to attack at night, or while sleeping—that’s why so many people are desperately seeking a solutions to this ailment. When heartburn attacks at night sleep is hampered greatly and if you aren’t getting adequate rest then how can you be expected to keep up a good work performance during  the daytime.   Let’s face it, heartburn can make us cranky, you may even disturb your partner as he or she tries to get a good night’s sleep and that’s not fair for anyone.

Heartburn relief done herbally is a highly sought out resolution by millions people—all over the globe. And while medications are usually prescribed to such patients; do you really want to be on harmful prescription meds year round for heartburn? Also these are not the only methods that work well in managing heartburn attacks. In this article we will explore natural heartburn remedies that will eliminate this for good.

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First cut down on acidic foods like citrus, tomatoes, vinegar rich meals, chocolates as well as beverages which trigger heartburn like caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks. These foods are known to be heartburn triggers and lessening intake of these foods will greatly provide heartburn relief. I know, I know, this isn’t a cure but as with most ailments the best method of relief is prevention. You can still have your food and drinks but utilize moderation. Fun fact: Did you know that cold brewed coffee is much lower on the acidic table? If you are a coffee addict and don’t want to give up your nectar try exploring drip coffee. You can see my article on cold brew coffee here.

If you can, avoid lying down within two to three hours after eating – this can be done quite easily with a simple food schedule. Lying down flat on the bed right after consuming a meal with pull out what you have eaten into your esophagus up to your throat. Set time for your sleep and schedule it for at least three hours after eating your dinner. This way, you will lessen the frequency of nighttime heartburn attacks. “But I have to eat before bed or else I get hungry” –  I hear you dear reader. If you must consume something prior to bed I highly recommend casein protein. Casein protein as opposed to whey protein is slow releasing protein meaning it will gradually be digested by your body while you sleep; casein protein is also light and has minimal acid. I recommend this(opens in new window) casein protein from Amazon.

This one may sound silly but it actually helps! Breath after every bite—most of us on most days, we eat in a hurried manner. Don’t blame yourselves though as many of us are working or tending to a busy schedule and rushing to eat is a necessity, but eating slowly and giving your mouth enough time to chew and mechanically digest foods can help your digestive tract (esophagus mostly) get proper functionality and achieve heartburn relief.

Meal logging can be a great tool as well. Of the long list of heartburn triggering foods, more than likely only a few of those are causing your heartburn; sadly it always the foods we want. So keep a list of which foods are triggers and make sure you know them by heart. Now you can properly prepare for and/or avoid these foods. Most people make blanket statements like “spicy foods always give me heartburn.”, but lots of times it can be specific triggers and giving up all spicy foods is silly. Trial and error can help you pinpoint which foods or ingredients are your enemy.

Food is a vice for some but nicotine on the other hand is not a vice for all users. Nicotine relaxes your lower esophageal valve—the structure responsible for keeping the stomach contents contained inside the stomach. Excessive use of nicotine from smoking or chewing tobacco can cause reflux. As if you didn’t need another reason to give up tobacco; this is an immediate side effect of tobacco as opposed to long term issues like cancer so eliminate it now. Nicotine patches that slowly release nicotine throughout the day are very light on your esophagus and are a good compromise (see me looking out for you).   (continue reading below)

 Have you heard of the “Heartburn No More” system? See my review here.

Enough prevention, I have pain right now, HELP! Bending knees can be a good short-term reflux aid. By flexing your knees and bending your body, you tighten your chest muscles and that includes shutting your esophageal valves. It is best to do this when you start to feel the initial signs of heartburn. You can also try lying down and keeping you head elevated above your chest to reduce the amount of bile that travels up the throat. I prefer the laying down method – just be sure to keep that head elevated well above your chest, it really works!

Have you tried cinnamon? Cinnamon has been known to reduce the amount of acid produced in the body and ultimately reduce the amount of heartburn a person experiences, try adding cinnamon to you dish for flavor as I do not recommend eating it by itself. Brew up a quick cup of tea and load it up with cinnamon; don’t worry cinnamon is nearly calorie-less. If you are fearless you can eat small amounts directly or just mix it with cold water to save time. Another great natural remedy that is often times overlooked is pineapple. Pineapples are of course a natural fruit, although high in natural sugar it has been known to severely reduce the amount of heartburn and acid reflux, so give it a try (it’s good as dessert!). Lastly I can’t say enough about peppermint and ginger, they work! I like to add ginger to a gallon of water and make “ginger water” and drink it periodically throughout the day, it’s tasty and helps eliminate the amount of heartburn you experience. Your local supermarket probably has a gallon of water for 60 cents or less and you can refill it will tap water to save money, now you are getting your doctor recommended water intake per day and building a heartburn defense front!

Heartburn is one of these things that most people just assume you have to take over the counter or prescription medications. I don’t know where this falsity began, but heartburn is treatable at home for pennies compared to meds.. There is a long list of heartburn remedies that we can try without spending too much on medicine. I’ve listed many of them above and even more on other pages of this site, try one each day and find out which one works best for you, you might just find they are a welcome addition to your daily routine while also providing great, natural heartburn relief.

For more information on the best heartburn solutions, home remedies and how you can cure this ailment using mostly household items simply check out the many resources my site has to offer (the banner below, the links to your right or the navigation at the top). I started this site nearly 6 years ago and am honored to have you as a visitor. Good luck in your journy.

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