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Mar 25 11

Heartburn Relief

by Kenneth Anderson

Heartburn Relief Through Natural Heartburn Remedies

Heartburn is a night creeper. It attacks many people especially during at night, or while sleeping—that’s why many people show antipathy towards this condition. When heartburn attacks at night, sleep is not the only aspect affected… work performance during daytime is affected, your mood gets cranky every now and then, you may even disturb your partner as he or she tries to get a good night’s sleep.

Heartburn relief is a much coveted resolution by many people—all over the globe. And while medications are usually prescribed to such patients, these are not the only methods that work well in managing nocturnal heartburn attacks.

Cut down on acidic foods like citrus, tomatoes, vinegar rich meals, chocolates as well as beverages which trigger heartburn like caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks. These foods are known to be heartburn triggers and lessening intake of these foods will greatly provide heartburn relief. Sometimes having herbal on hand and consuming it at first signs of heartburn can drastically tone down the pain.

Avoid lying down within two to three hours after eating. Lying down flat on the bed right after consuming a meal with pull out what you have eaten into your esophagus up to your throat. Set time for your sleep and schedule it for at least three hours after eating your dinner. This way, you not only give yourself an early rest, you also lessen frequencies of nighttime attacks of heartburn.

Breath after every bite—many times, we eat in a hurried manner. We can’t blame ourselves though as it may be due to work demands or schedules but eating slowly and giving your mouth enough time to chew and mechanically digest foods can help you get heartburn relief.

Meal logging can be a great tool as well. Of the long list of heartburn triggering foods, only a few of those can cause you heartburn. Keep a list of those triggers and make sure you know them by heart.

Nicotine on the other hand is not a good vice (if there is a good vice at all). Nicotine relaxes your lower esophageal valve—the structure responsible for keeping the stomach contents contained inside the stomach. If this structure gives in, expect that excruciating pain to develop in a matter of minutes.

Bending knees can be a good short-term aid. By flexing your knees and bending your body, we tighten our chest muscles and that includes shutting our esophageal valves. It is best to do this when you start to feel the initial signs of heartburn. You can also try lying down and keeping you head elevated above your chest to reduce the amount of bile that travels up the throat.

Have you tried cinnamon? Cinnamon has been known to reduce the amount of acid produced in the body and ultimately reduce the amount of heartburn a person experiences, try adding cinnamon to you dish for flavor as I do not recommend eating it by itself. Another great natural remedy that is often times overlooked are pineapples, pineapple of course is a natural fruit, although high in natural sugar it has been known to severely reduce the amount of heartburn and acid reflux, so give it a try (it’s good as dessert!). Lastly I can’t say enough about peppermint and ginger, they work! I like to add ginger to a gallon of water and make “ginger water” and drink it periodically throughout the day, it’s tasty and helps eliminate the amount of heartburn you experience.

Heartburn relief is a must but we must not limit our resources in taking medications. There is a long list of heartburn remedies that we can try without spending too much on medicines. I’ve listed many of them above, try one each day and find out which one works best for you, you might just find they are a welcome addition to your daily routine while also providing great, natural heartburn relief.

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